Multi-value controls in Active Assembly


Has anyone managed to get Active Assembly to allow editing of multiple value controls like sys_DropDownMultiple or sys_CheckBoxTree?

I’ve tried calling #startAAField and #endAAField but, instead of adding a button, it breaks the whole Active Assembly interface when the field passed as a parameter is a multiple value control. Ideally it would display a button that, when clicked, would show the same control as in the Content Editor, but in a popup window of some kind. Is this at all possible on Rhythmyx 6.5.2? Is it something that might come in a future version?




The “ideal behavior” you describe is the expected behavior for fields using the controls you mention. In the Active Assembly Help see “Using the Modal Field Editor”.

It sounds like you are defining custom Velocity for your Templates. You may want to review the standard field macros for a model of the correct coding.


Following the example of the #field() macro, I have used…

#startAAField($fieldname "")##



…with $fieldname set to the name of a field as per documentation. That works when the field is a simple text entry sys_EditBox, but whenever the field is of a type that has multiple values I get the following error when I try to view a content item in Active Assembly…

FATAL exception raised: 'this.objId.getFieldLabel()' is null or not an object

BTW, in the “Using the Modal Field Editor” page, it lists the following types of fields…
[li]radio buttons[/li][li]drop lists[/li][li]checkboxes[/li][li]plain text boxes with multiple lines[/li][li]calendars[/li][/ul]
…does this mean other types are not supported?

We have investigated this issue and found a bug when rendering multi-valued fields in Active Assembly. It’s been logged, for reference the bug ID is RX-13455.

Thanks. I’ll look out for that bug ID in future patches.



Just wondering, has there been any progress on fixing this bug?


I’ve heard that Active Assembly has had a lot of work in 6.6. Has this bug been fixed?

No, this bug did not make the cut for 6.6. It’s still in pile of bugs to be fixed in the near future.


Has this bug RX-13455 ever been fixed? It still seems to be an issue in 6.7 throwing the error “Underlying error: This is a multi valued property”

This issue is slated to be fixed in the next release of Percussion CM System.