MSM Performance in 7.3

Hi, we are in the process of upgrading from 7.2 to 7.3, patch 730_20150405 and have noticed that MSM is considerably slower when creating archives. When we create a basic archive w/ a single content type and about 8 templates it takes anywhere between 8-10 minutes for the archive to be created. It seems to get stuck on the ‘Analyzing dependencies’ step, where each package in the archive takes a few minutes and the progress is stuck at 1%. Archives with more than just a few packages can take hours to complete, if ever it seems. We tried creating a larger archive w/ 2 content types, maybe a dozen templates and a few slots last night and it was still ‘analyzing dependencies’ this morning after about 14 hours. We tested it out in multiple environments and got similar results.
We’ve tried various config changes to the msm lax file as far as java args go like -Xmx, -Xms, permsize, and maxpermsize with no luck. There’s nothing in the server logs, and inspecting the server and msm using visualvm shows that there’s no resource issue (cpu and memory are well under max) and I don’t see thread blocking or anything else going on.
So… does anyone have any suggestions for tuning we can do to help? Creating archives in MSM has never been the fastest thing in the world, but it’s never been like this.