MSM Archive Installation error "Process aborted, no such column"

When I am installing an archive and I get a warning on a content type that the table schema dependency “already exists”, what should I do? I read the Percussion documentation and it said that it is OK to install a new table schema where an old one exists already. But when I run the install, the process is aborted because of an unexpected error, saying “no such column ‘placeholder’”. I deleted the column ‘placeholder’ in a content type from the development server because it was unneeded.

There is no column ‘placeholder’ in the content type on the dev server we are creating the archive from because it was deleted. And when I check the database, there is no column ‘placeholder’ in the table that has been created by the archive installation on the target server, but a new table has been created with all the current fields (columns). Do anyone have any insight on where MSM is getting hung up and how I can correct this install error?

Are you packaging up the table schema before the content type? If you aren’t then make sure that the table schema is deployed before… if you don’t have the table schema as part of the package, make sure to include it.

You may also have been hit with the issue where you delete and add columns in the same package. Doing a search on the forums should give you a result on how to correctly promote that type of change.

Thanks. I did delete a column and add new columns in the same package. I didn’t know that would be an issue. What would I search for to know how to resolve this issue?

I think this post may be what jitendra is referring to.

That’s great. Thanks.