Manipulating the <a> tag

Is it possible to manipulate the <a> tag? For example, we may want to add ‘target_blank’ or a class to it.

In the search box you have the option to add the ‘title’ attribute to it so it should be possible to add a class?

Any pointers appreciated.

What are you trying to do?

W would like to turn something like this <a href="/test/sub/index.html"> to <a class=“test1” target="_blank"> but the links are built using location schemes and in particlur the ‘$sys.pub_path’ and i cant find how to change this…hope that makes sense

if you’re in EditLive, you can right-click on the link, get the properties, and select “BLANK” for the link’s target. You may be able to add a class… not sure… probably not, tho.

PS: use & escapes so your html code doesn’t mess up the forum display… < at the start of your example tags is usually sufficient.

Hi, thanks for the reply but when i right-click the link i do not get any options? Is this something i should add in the editlive configuration?

Ah, my bad… It’s been a while since I played with this stuff.

Correction: select your link and click on the “Insert Hyperlink” button in the toolbar. A dialog box will open up. It will allow you to set the link url, the target frame and the “screen tip text” (which, I think, is the title attribute… but who knows?). To get target="_blank", set “Target frame” to “New Window”.

You can add class information in the “code” view, but, as always, EditLive may rewrite any of that; however, i haven’t had any trouble with it not preserving class names.