Managed Navigation within snippets

I would like to create a snippet that as well as the normal snippet content contains a link to the managed navigation landing page for the content item the snippet comes from.

i.e.The snippet would create code like this:

<a href="/category/feature">Feature Title</a>
<p>Feature description</p>		
<a href="/category/">More Category Title</a>

This seems like a job for managed navigation. But if I call a managed navigation template from within a snippet then $nav.self is treated as the navon for the page the snippet is going into, not the page the snippet comes from.

So when the above code is inserted into the homepage it comes out as:

<a href="/category/feature">Feature Title</a>
<p>Feature description</p>		
<a href="/">More Home</a>

So my snippet template looks like this:

<a href="$pagelink">#fieldXML("displaytitle")</a>
#slot("rffNav" "" "" "" "" "template=vlSnNavParentLink") 

And the vlSnNavParentLink template looks like this:

#macro(nav_parent_link $navon)
  #set($url = $navon.getProperty("nav:url").String)
  #set($trimmed_url = $url.replaceAll('index$',''))
  #set($label = $navon.getProperty("displaytitle").String)
  <a href="$trimmed_url" class="footerlink">More $label</a>

Is there anyway to include managed navigation inside a snippet and have it generated relative to the snippet’s page rather than the containing page?