Managed navigation not resetting

I am having issues with the navtree structure not updating when I make amendments to it’s contents.

I have removed a navon from a secondary level submenu and placed it one level up. However Rhythmyx appears to remember it’s previous position within the propagated nav tree.

Am I missing something or is there a way of resetting the navtree.

Are any of the modified navtrees or navons in a Quick Edit (i.e. publishable=ignore) state? This has caught out many people in the past, myself included.

Hi Andrew

I like your thinking but no all Nav Items are in a public state.

As I thought purging the item appears to be the only way to break all of the stored relationships and then recreate them.

However this is not a solution but rather a dirty fix so if anyone has any other ideas I would be most greatful.

Sounds like you ran into what we reported to Percussion TS…

They provided a patch, but we haven’t been able to test it yet because we’re also testing 6.6.1.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15299

RX-15292 - The axis property of nav items is not getting set properly in certain cases