Make the default number of folders viewable in one column in the Finder configurable. (default is 100)

This is not something configurable. It is hardwired as part if the application. Why would you need to change this value?

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply.

We find ourselves waiting for the folder view to load (~ 4-7 seconds, or longer) each time after switching between Assets, Search, and Sites view. The folder display then always resets to page one. With an extra click or two, this compounds our load times to ~12-21 seconds every few minutes or so. A bit frustrating when repeated hundreds of times, hence our concern.

We’ll have potentially 300+ folders off the main site.

Any insight is much appreciated.

Hi Slee,

The system is currently designed so that all items under a given folder load at once, so, for example, even if you modified the filter so that it only displayed 10 of your 100+ items, the system would still be loading 100+ items in the background.

I do know that this can cause for sluggish performance for users that have folders containing many items. I would strongly encourage you to post an Idea topic on here requesting the ability to limit the output of the Finder along with a change in the system’s behavior where this filtered output (rather than the full output) is all that’s requested and pulled back from the server. I believe many other customers would find this beneficial as well.

I just realized that folders in the Finder seem limited to only showing up to 100 items at a time…if there’s more than 100 it shows a “>>” icon that one has to click to see the rest of the items. I wouldn’t mind this but due to the way the Finder works, since our folder that has more than 100 items the Finder first takes more than 30 seconds to show the folder’s first 100 items, AND then takes yet another 30 seconds to show the final 5 times of the 105 items in the folder.

I’m sure you would agree that this is poor performance.

In addition, the “>>” does not give a loading graphic or any indicator that clicking it actually does anything until the 30+ seconds are up and it finally shows the last 5 items in the folder.

Please tell me you can provide me a work around to have the Finder show more than 100 items…

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Hi Paul,

I know the lack of caching in the Finder is really hurting you with your site’s large scale, but unfortunately there is no way to modify the Finder’s default limit of 100 items per window.

I know you’ve brought this up in the past, but I don’t see any topic dedicated to the request to enhance the way the Finder caches (or doesn’t cache) its results. I would highly recommend posting such a topic, to ensure that this request is firmly in our product management’s radar.

I just created such an idea topic:

That’s really bad news that it can’t be altered. This means that our users whose folders are in the last 5 folders of that folder have to wait upwards of over 1 minute just to get to their content when manually navigating (i.e. say if they jump between Assets folders and Sites folders)

I do understand, and will do this, that we can have our users bookmark as well as use the favorites feature to save their particular folders and/or pages for quicker reference, but since the Finder seems to refresh after one does just about any action, this Finder folder limit and slowness hurts.

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Thanks for posting that, Paul. You’re one step ahead of me – I was just about to recommend using the bookmarks function, as this will be your best bet towards streamlining this for your end users.