Make managed nav snippets more generic

I’m working with a clone of rffSnEiNavLeft, trying to create a generic SnNavLeft. I wanted to be able to use it like this:

#slot("sNav" "" "<li>" "</li>" "" "template=SnNavLeft")

But code such as h3 and li class are hard-coded into the snippet. I’ve also had to remove blank lines and spaces from the snippet, and adding Velocity comments ##, to reduce the whitespace in the published page. The snippet rffSnEiNavTop uses table cells instead of CSS, which is not cutting edge Web design. It’s very clever, but I’d like more control over the formatting by being able to insert before and after tags.


In the Rhythmyx Workbench, the Snippet Drawer already includes elementary examples of breadcrumbs, top navigation, and left navigation, without any of the FastForward coding. Expand the Rx Slot Misc and Prebuild section.


Thanks for pointing those out, but those snippets still have hard-coded tags where I’d like to be able to put my own before and after tags. For example, the breadcrumb snippet separates items with a |, but I’d like to use a > or •. It may not be easy or possible to provide that functionality, though.

I think with the right kind of CSS this should be possible. That seems to be the direction on everything. So for example, in the oob templates, the “|” would not be a character at all, but some kind of <SPAN> or <DIV> with a style class and then your CSS would render that as a | or > as you wanted.

Yes, in Firefox (but not Internet Explorer),

.nav li {display:inline;}
.nav li:after {content: " \00BB \0020" ; }

should produce a footer navigation menu that looks like this, (separated by right double angle quotes):

Home » About Us » Our Clients » Portfolio » Contact Us

To put a regular dark round bullet in left-navs, we could use

ul.disc {list-style-type: disc}

to style the bullet, which does work in Internet Explorer, but the bullet disappears with display:inline, so it won’t help with bottom navs.

The article Taming Lists offers more ideas.