Make Incremental Publishing available for Roles that have "publish" powers

Now that we have Incremental Publishing, shouldn’t roles that have “publish” powers (in workflow) be able to use it?

Right now, only Admins and Designers can run an Incremental publish.

Editors can be given the “publish now” power so why shouldn’t they be able to run an Incremental?


The reason we did not give Editors the right to run Incremental is that incremental publishes all changes since the last publish, not just those that the Editor has rights to. For example, assume you have two departments – alumni and admissions – and two workflows such that each cannot edit one another’s content. Each could write, and approve their content, but Alumni might not want Admissions to publish their content, even if it was in a “Pending” state.  

I agree that Editors should have publish rights; however we haven’t yet made that change in the application. We’ve been trying to research how many customers consider publishing an editorial vs administrator task. 

It sounds like what you might find useful is a “bulk approve now” function, where a user could choose multiple pages to publish using the “pages by status” gadget. Would that be a valuable option? 

Thanks Dan,

Its good to know it’s been considered.

Did you mean a “bulk publish now” function? If so, yes that would be a perfect solution.