Mac Users and the Safari 12 Update with Rhythmyx

Apple recently released and started pushing the update to Safari 12 which unfortunately joins Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers in dropping support for the NPAPI browser plugin required to run Java Applets.

This creates a challenge for Mac users of Rhythmyx who have not yet switched to using the Desktop Content Explorer.

For Mac users of Rhythmyx, this means that their options currently are:

  1. Rollback to Safari 11 / don’t update to Safari 12 if possible.

  2. Install the Firefox 52.9 ESR release for OSX and pin it at that version after enabling the Java Plugin for that browser.

  3. Use the Desktop Content Explorer (a shortcut can be deployed to user desktops) as that removes the need for the Applet. This is our recommended approach as it removes reliance on browser plugins.

To run the Desktop Content Explorer. Right click the Desktop Content Explorer link to Download the launcher shortcut. Save that downloaded link to your Applications folder or Desktop. Then double click the shortcut on your desktop to launch the application, following the initial Security prompts to allow the program to run.