List-based content types

This is content type design question. Many implementations have the requirement to generate “list” pages and would need content types like rffList in Fast Forward. rffList’s approach is to use a set of canned queries from which the author chooses from to construct a JCR query used in an autoslot. Whether query is canned or not, I know is up to the implementer, but I wanted see if this is always the best/only approach for list-based pages.

Assuming the rffList approach, what level abstraction is possible so the number of content types is minimized. For example, with a date range, would it be a best practice create a content type called genericDateRangeList, with a start date and end date, so that all sites who have this kind of requirement could make use of it? Same with with maybe an alphabet range? (i.e. A-M,N-Z, etc), would one create a genericAlphabetRangeList?

Any thoughts/opinions would be appreciated.