Links not recognized in Rich Text editor any longer

The new version of the Rich Text editor doesn’t seem to recognize when you link an email address any longer. If I remember correctly, previous versions would alert you and optionally add the mailto: prefix to the href.

While this isn’t a big deal, it’s yet another case where our editors have to switch into Code View and edit the link manually.


When we upgraded to the latest version of TinyMCE, the technology behind the rich text editor, we intentionally cut down on the number of customizations to that component. Our customizations is what made it difficult for us to upgrade, and we knew that going forward we wanted to be able to more easily upgrade to the latest TinyMCE. The email conversion was an example of one of those customizations.

Users don’t have to go into Code View in order to make the link a mailto link. In the link dialog box, they can just enter mailto: .

If we hear feedback from multiple customers on this topic, we’ll absolutely consider adding back some sort of auto-detect email capability. Are others feeling the pain of this change in system behavior?

Thanks Dan,

Good suggestion on the code view part.

I remember the first time I pasted in an email address, hit enter, and saw the clever mailto message. I thought, “wow, that’s a cool feature”.

It would be nice to have it back. We’ll see what everyone else thinks.

Some our contributors aren’t accustomed to HTML syntax, so I can see the mailto: reminder a good addition to the Rich Text editor.