Link check Errors

When a link checker was ran on one of our sites - everything was fine, except for links within our /Design/Web_Resources/themes/NSU file that were displaying as broken.

However we know these are part of the theme, and I can see them in their folders.

Is there a reason why it is doing this?


When using any of these Design or Site paths, you want to make sure to copy the path after the CM1 directory. For web_resources, this means copying the /web_resources and onward. Design should not be part of the path as it is only for use in the CM1 interface. The only time you will copy the paths entirely is for Assets as a physical folder named Assets is created on the publishing server.

Our theme is at /Design/Web_Resources/themes/NSU and was put into place during training. It is visible and working.

However, when a link checker was ran on a page, these theme files kicked up as “not found” but you can see from the site, they are there.

I was just curious why and if only some tools do this. I used another and they did not echo back as errors.

I am unsure why it would be looking for /Design in the first place. The path should be /web_resources/… and it should be lowercase as well. If you manually created a path of Web_Resources inside a Design folder it would validate, but we do not create a Design folder or a /Web_Resources folder by default. CM1 is on a case-sensitive web server which means there is a difference between capitalized and lowercase paths. Also, because the Design folder is strictly used inside CM1 and not the previewed or published page, it should not even be pointed to from a page. All theme file references should start with “/web_resources/themes”.

This was done along time ago during training when we set everything up. I will go back and look but the theme is working fine.