library to show all assets

As the asset files grows (images, shared asset, pdf, doc, etc.), it is harder to tell whether they are being used or not on the live / staging or draft pages… Plus there is no “instant” preview when you click each file, instead you have to go to each folders, each folders inside folders and double click that image and click to preview it… too time consuming and frustrating.

So instead of that, how about this new page called Library (mockup attached). I used some ideas from WordPress which I find super useful. 

This new page, Library, gathered all asset types and place it in one central place where they can select to attach it rather than upload the same file again and again, etc.

In the dropdown below, if you click on the  Unattached  link, all of the media files not associated with a post or page (i.e. you did not upload them from within a post or page) will be displayed. Attaching files (images, specifically) to a post is not always necessary, although some themes use attached images for slideshows or other theme-specific features. 

That way, I can remove all unnecessary assets (even shared asset) off to free up the space.

Please make this an idea everyone! I hope this can be implement in 5.6 :wink:

I know we have “Site Impact” thing in every asset but it’s really time consuming to comb every single one. 


Excellent idea. Absolutely would love this feature. I’ve been putting off going through the assets. Promote this to whatever level necessary.
Thanks Aaron.