Legacy unpublish content list not working on 6.7

Hello guys,

Has anybody successfully used a content list to unpublish content on 6.7 using the same settings as on a 6.5.2 content list? Making a long story short, because of how our synchronize process works, we can’t unpublish at the beginning neither on a separate edition, so we can not use the default “unpublish then publish”.

The logs always shows the same error:

[PSGeneratePubLocation] Problem while generating a publishing location for template 625 and contentid 14890
java.lang.RuntimeException: Item not in cache: PSKey CONTENTID=0 REVISIONID= 
	at com.percussion.server.webservices.PSServerFolderProcessor.getItemPaths(Unknown Source)
	at ...

Find attached images showing our settings for the unpublish content list, also the generated XML result of trying to preview the content list.

Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Javier.