LDAP indicator to tell if which user is active or inactive

Please see screenshot attach. I was hoping this will be implemented in the near future so we (admin) can easily remove the inactive LDAP user (who no longer works here, etc.).

Green circle = active
Red circle = inactive or deleted

I am not sure we would implement this in this way. Looking up users is pretty expensive performance wise so we’d have to check every user when the screen was rendered which would be slow.

I think what may be better would be to add a Remove Inactive Accounts option which would loop through the users and remove users that are disabled or missing from the backend directory.

This wouldn’t affect Revision History and would provide a way to get deleted or disabled directory accounts out of the CMS.

Does that make sense?



Yes, I like that approach, the “Remove Inactive Accounts”. I think your method does make more sense.

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