Keyword labels in Content Explorer Views

I am using a keyword list which stores the values of the selected options in the database.

We want to display this column in the Content Explorer View but display the labels not the values.

There is a tool for doing this when using keywords in velocity templates but does anyone know an easy way to achieve this in a Content Explorer View?

Hi Andrew

You can create custom views but it’s the display format that controls the columns and values that are displayed. I’m not sure if you can do this.


(Reviving this old thread which didn’t have a definitive answer…)

Has anyone figured out how to include keyword labels in Display Formats? I am able to retrieve the Keyword Label in my custom view XML application by joining to the RXLOOKUP table. However, it seems that the only things that can be included in a display format are the content type field names you can select in the Field Selection dialog - even if the keyword label is in the XML result, I can’t get it to appear in the Content Explorer.

Is there any way to customize what gets included in the Display Format? I noticed the notes on including images in display formats, and that involves XSL work on the \rx_config\rx_DisplayFieldTemplates.xsl stylesheet. Has anyone successfully used that to change what appears in a Display Format?