JEXL in Location Scheme to identify page location

Dear Colleagues

The answer to this question should be relatively simple, but I cannot find it for some reason

I would like to specify the path to the Home Page in the Location Scheme, but that path would be dynamic. It should access the index page either in the same folder or in the upper folder.

In other words

If (page.local)
{ ‘index.html’ }
{ ‘…/index.html’ }

Please let me know what I should put instead of page.local, or if I didn’t make my question clear

Thank you very much

In general, what you’re trying to is possible. We do this sort of thing here. However, I’m not sure what the intent of “page.local” is. The location schemes are part of the whole Active Assembly process when publishing, and as such, you are generally dealing with the $sys.item variable. Basically, you must have some means of determining what your “Home Page” is by looking at some attribute or property of the content itself. We name some of our content ‘index.html’ if it is a landing page for a navon, like so:

if ($user.psoRelationships.isLandingPage($sys.item.getProperty(‘rx:sys_contentid’).String)==‘false’) { $basename=‘index.html’ };{

Then we do some other stuff to build the folder structure, but this part of the location scheme is the bit that’s germane to your question. Let me know if I’ve misunderstood your question. BTW, We are running 6.7.