JCR Query to return a List of Assembly Items

So, I’d like to be able to Use a JCR query to get a list of assembly items without using an AutoSlot. Reason being that when I use an Auto Slot, the content re-publishes every time I run an incremental edition.

I figure that I have 2 options:

  1. Try to use an auto-slot without adding it to the template’s list of slots.
  2. Build an extension to run the query.

I have tried to use $user.psoQueryTools but the results I got back were unfiltered with regard to item state. This isn’t going to fly in a production scenario.

Has anyone out there settled on a viable solution?

We’ve used method 1 with great success. We have also implemented method 2 (in a separate case) when we realized that we needed a faster way to get the items than what RX was providing (using a direct query to the database…this was for reverse slot lookups).

Could you post an example of your Velocity code on how to use this method



We don’t use that function… but perhaps this was meant for Rushing?