Items in archive state (but publishable) not filtered out in incremental content list

When defining a content list, we set the type to be incremental and the item filter to be “all public content”

Currently, the “all public content” filter, filters all items that are in a state which is publishable.

On our end, there are 2 publishable states, one called “Public” and the other one"Archive", since archived items need also to be published .

Only those in expired and draft state are unpublished.

The option “incremental” currently seems to apply only to those items in a public state. They get filtered correctly, i.e, republsihed only if they have been modified and returned to public state.

The incremental option is not being applied to those items in “archive” state, even if that state is set to be publishable, and what happens is that all archived items are being republished at every run of the edition that contains the content list.

How do we make sure that tems that are in “archive” state ( but still publishable) be filtered out if they do not contain any incremental modification since last publish ?

I verified mutiple threads on the forum already, including this one :

I can confirm that the content type impacted by the issue, does not have any template that calls an autoindex slot.