Item Filters, "public" content

I am attempting to implement a staging web site, much like described in the “Extending Publishable States” section of the Technical Reference guide. In the Item Filters there is a dropdown “Associated Authorization Types” which has All Content, All Public Content, etc. I can’t quite get this work and am noticing there seems to be this notion of “public content” which must be understood, but I don’t see what that really means. There is a “Public” state in the FF workflows, but aside from that, there seems to be some other concept which I think I’m missing. Any insight here would be appreciated.



“Public content” essentially means “Content Items in a Public (in other words, publishable) State”.

See “Maintaining AuthTypes” in the XML Server section of the Percussion Workbench Help. I’ve updated our source with a cross-reference in the Item Filter Editor topic.


Ah… Thanks RJ. Public = Publisable. That makes sense, I was just getting the feeling that I wasn’t “getting it”.