Issuess with live server going down content publishing problem


Got a 404 error this morrning when I went to check on my live server. My hosting comapnay says this;

It looks like the website content has a problem. This is the error I got when I went to the website locally while on the machine. Is it possible to delete the site and then republish it completely? The server itself is running well. I can reset it if you’d like but given the nature of this error I don’t think it would help.

I briefly renamed index to index.htm and then went to and the site came up normally. I then put things back to the way I found them. I’m not a Percussion expert and so I am confused as to why there is no file type extension to the default home page…

Please help I have user testing in 1 hr. Will try a republish.

Hi Sandy,

That’s a MIME type mapping issue. Your server might have automatically updated to a new version of IIS that handles MIME types for files without an extension differently than it has in the past.

Point your server team to step 2.2 of this doc which outlines the two methods of MIME type mapping you can try (a single period “.” or an asterisk “*”):

Configuring IIS

Happy Thanksgiving!