Issues embeding SlideShowPro into a page

We have a software piece called SlidShowPro. The software generates an embed code which includes two javascript snippets (which I placed in the Meta Data section) and a ```

 I've added the typical ```   ``` in between the open and closed div but when I go to save the added code in the HTML or Rich Text Widget, it just spins.

Hi Matt,

What just spins? the cm1 application or the slide show on the page?

Sorry, the loading image just spins in CM1 when I click save on the widget.


Great question… After you inspected the page element, what errors was it providing? Was it showing broken links to the pages, or javascript errors?

Would you be able to publish and/or send us a link to the URL of the page?

That might allow us to dig a little deeper and find the issue.


I suggest using the HTML widget to add this slide show to your pages. With the Html widget you would not have to add   to the code. Try that, save the widget, then preview the page and send me a screen shot of what you see. Also if you can use your web browser development tools to take a screen shot of the pages HTML code. for example: inspect element by right clicking the slide show in Google Chrome.

Have you tried publishing a test page and seeing if it works on your live site?

Okay. The page never saves so I can’t view it on the public facing side. As for using an HTML widget over the Text Widget, I’ve tried both with the same result.

As a side note, I’ve noticed that the save function hangs on the newest version of Firefox v27.0.1.

I was finally able to get it to save using Chrome. And now I have the code working. Sorry to bug everyone.