Issue with Auto-list not pulling through content

I’m having an issue where my auto-list has stopped working. I use the auto-list feature to pull the latest press releases and while I can see the most recent release if I key in the URL, it’s not showing up in the auto-lists.


If you have confirmed that the new pages have published successfully (which I assume you meant by keying in their URL), then the next thing to check is to make sure the new pages meet all the criteria of your particular Page Auto List widget. To verify this, open up the Page Auto List’s properties through the Content tab of the page or template which houses it, and make sure your new pages meet both the Website location and Template criteria, and also be sure there is no “First published before” date.

Let me know if this helps,


Can you check your production (live) web server to verify the perc-common-ui files are in place? In step 5 of the Installing Delivery Services section here, it directs you where to go.

Ultimately, you need to look in the Percussion installation directory for the Delivery folder. Copy the “” file out of there and move it to your production web server. Unzip the folder contents into the root of your web site and it should be fine. You should end up with a folder and path “/perc-common-ui” and that folder should contain a couple subfolders with various scripts and resource files in there.


There was also an issue with the redirect for perc-commin-ui using the Application Request Routing (ARR) I added in a rule that looks like the following:

This made it so it could locate the javascript file that allows for the delivery service AJAX calls to be made to the delivery tier database

Having this problem too. THey appear to load on the live server and then they all disappear.…

The weird part is almost the identical template is being used for the events page and it works not problem. Any ideas what might be wrong?…

On my home page sometimes the event auto summary comes in but news is blank or visa versa. Weird behaviour.


Good morning, I took a look at the URL you brought to our attention. We ran several tests to see what might be the cause of the events information not displaying correctly? Our tests revealed that the “DTS” (the service that goes and dynamically pulls recent events data), goes initially and looks up all the old static content of the events page, and does that correctly.

Once the page loads however, it does a refresh and looks for new data. What happens is that when it looks for new content, it is either not finding anything OR… it could be because of some other JavaScript errors with the page.

While looking through the html code of your page, I see dozens of JavaScript errors, and think that this could possibly be part of the cause of it not displaying correctly.

I spoke internally with some of our other support members, and heard that your organization was working closely with Dialogue Theory. So if they are working on this page/template now, I might not suggest changing anything until you speak with them.

However, if they are not working with this page currently, I would suggest trying to do a republish of the site, and seeing if that fixes anything, or if this doesn’t work, try using the revision history and see if you can roll back the page to a prior working status, until dialogue theory can look at it.

I would also suggest seeing if you can resolve some of the JavaScript errors with the page, since even if this isn’t part of the cause for the data not displaying correctly, it could present issues down the road for other changes you make to the pages/templates.

I hope that helps, let us know if we can help with anything else :slight_smile:

Thanks for this I will talk to Dialog theory.

The only javascript that I put in (that I know of) is just a little script for the drop down menu click for the responsive design, ( and maybe a little bit for the Google analytics ). The Java script I had dialog look at was for the banners and there is no banner in this page.

So the events page works and news one does not do to different java script in the news page? I build these pages off the same template so that’s why I’m confused?

So I have used firebug developer tools to debug css problems but I haven’t a clue where to start to debug java script problems. Just wondering if you can send me a link to get started on how to debug js?

I know how to debug js, line by line just using the alert box to trace things out, looking for undefined vars etc… in stuff I have written, but I have no idea what scripts are causing the problems. What do you use to list the js errors?


Sandy I have a suggestion,

Could you create a blank template with just a Page auto list widget on it using the same configurations as the Page auto list widget you are having trouble with. Publish a test page using the blank template and see if the page pulls in all of the content it should.

This way we can isolate the JS from the page auto list. If the page does pull in content than we know it is a problem with your template but if it does not pull in the right content then we can try some other trouble shooting steps to isolate the issue.

After you create the template and publish your test page can you post the URL here please.

Thank you,

For sure I will do this right away. I was just comparing the pages again visually (Event page vrs News page). And one difference that I see off the top is that the news page has my social media feeds in it and the events page doesn’t.

Not sure if this makes a difference, but it still doesn’t explain the behaviour of the widgets on the home page either. So I most likely have multiple problems going on. Also the social feeds are on the acutal events page as well that has an auto list widget and all displays fine.

Anyway will post link to blank template here in a minute =)

Thanks for the help!

Ok here is the test page…

It looks like the same behaviour, they all load in then they all disappear. I added the percussion plain template to my templates and then added a few regions with the same ids that I was using in my template layout. Kept it real simple.

It is working from here, none of the content is disappearing.

Let’s try adding in the social strip to this new test template and see how that effects the page?

Ok just to be clear, what’s not working for me is underneath the big green clover there should be a bunch of small summaries with boxes around them and red bars at the top. Are you seeing those?

On the live server… I tested this link in firefox, chrome and IE and I get the same thing happening all those small summaires showup and then when the page finishes loading they all disappear.

The big green clover summary shows up fine in all pages, its the little summaries underneath that have the problem.

If you are seeing the little summaries then I will try adding in the social strip. I just wanted to be clear that we are on the same page =)

Oh no they are not working now. The boxes did not disappear the first time for me (they are disappearing). But now that we isolated the JS from the auto list and we are still getting the same result we know there is another issue besides the JS errors.

We’ll have to take this offline.

Can you create a support ticket for this issue?

sure trying to remember where to submit a ticket =) Let me look.

Is that just posting this as a problem on the community? Or do I go somewhere else?

Hi Sandy,

To create a support portal ticket just go to and enter in your credentials!


Thanks Ben. Its not accepting my email address. I’m using the same credentials I use for this site. There is only a password reset but it won’t work due to it not accepting my email address.

How do I reset my email? Or know which email it wants. I have tried both and