Inline Variants Uneditable in Ephox

We have just upgraded to version 7.0.3 and we have encountered a problem that will not allow anyone to edit or remove inline rhythmyx templates after inserting them. The only way you can remove them is by going in to the code and we do not want people to do this. This was never a problem in 6.7 and you could double click an inline rhythmyx template and a dialog window would appear that would give you options to delete the template. When I went in to the code for one of the inline templates that is used I see there are attributes for contenteditable and unselectable which are set to false and on.

div class="rx_ephox_inlinevariant" contenteditable="false" inlinetype="rxvariant" rxinlineslot="105" rxselectedtext="" 
sys_dependentid="1161" sys_dependentvariantid="597" sys_folderid="895" sys_relationshipid="31317" unselectable="on" 
a class="titlelink" contenteditable="false" 
unselectable="on" Test Link using inline template a img alt=".doc icon" border="0" contenteditable="false" src="$rxs_navbase/images/doc_icons/wordicon.gif" unselectable="on" 

<contenteditable=“false” src="$rxs_navbase/images/doc_icons/wordicon.gif" <strong="">
The files in the directory D:\Rhythmyx\sys_ceInlineSearch\returnvariant.xsl and D:\Rhythmyx\rx_resources\ephox\rx_ephox.js to change the options for the attributes to true and off. This seems to work temporarily because when I insert a new inline rhythmyx template the changes I made work but when I save it reverts back to being unselectable and not editable.

How do you change the behavior of inline rhythmyx templates to be contenteditable (true) and unselectable (off)? Also how can you change this globally for templates that have already been inserted on pages that already exist?