inline variant again

hi all

does anybody know how to make the content in the inline variant editable. I have inserted a content item using inline variant - i then want to be able to select bits of text and turn them into links, or format them etc. but content is not editable.



By definition, the content of an inline Template is not editable. An inline Template is a formatted Snippet of one Content Item included in the formatted output of another Content Item. You cannot format an inline Template any more than you can directly format the content of a Snippet in a non-inline Slot.

We state in the Content Explorer Help that inline Templates are not editable:

Note that you cannot edit the text of an inline Template. If you want to edit this text, you must edit the inserted Content Item outside of the field.

See “Using Inline Links” in the Content Explorer Help.

Is this what you meant by the question about whether inline Templates are linked or embedded?