inline links and inline images

hi all

my hrefs for my inline links and inline images are not being translated to my site href on publish - ie they maintain all the rx attributes.

anybody think what i might have missed?



i have worked out why rx is doing this but do not know what the solution might be.

in my variant i am using xsl:copy-of to output the contents of the ephox to the html page. In doing this, rx does not transform the rx server address and attributes to my real site address - in published files inline link hrefs and inline img src attributes have rx server address. In addition, the image and anchor elements maintain all the rx attributes, ie contentid, folderid, etc.

does anybody know why using copy-of would cause this.


Can you please provide the Rhyhmyx version information, so that I can suggest certain things to look for.

If you are on a patch between RX-10693 and RX-11444, chances are that you are hitting a bug, that would cause this issue.

Bug: RX-11433 – Inline links/images and variants are not getting processed in published pag

Just to make sure whether you are hitting that bug or not, create a new item and add couple of inline links. Preview the item. Change the sys_context parameter value in URL to 1. Check the inline links. If you see published links rather than Rhythmyx links then apply the latest patch and try again on the item that is failing.