Incremental Content List

I have a two issues which I’m looking at right now and any ideas are welcome indeed. . .

I’ve created a content list for a specific content type and selected Incremental option as a Type.
Edition Type is Automatic and Generator is sys_SearchGenerator
Query is:
select rx:sys_contentid,rx:sys_folderid from rx:sm_article where jcr:path like ‘//Sites/SM%’

I use sys_SiteTemplateExpander with siteid of the site I’m publishing to.

  1. When I preview the content list, I get the listing of all content items, not the incremental (which currently should be only one item). What am I missing?

  2. After I specify the dispatch for the default_variant (my dispatch template simply takes a field from an item, and regardless of the value, assigns a specific template to sys_template), I get “candidates may not be null or empty” notification/error.


I’m running v6.1

  1. my content list query was invalid, which was causing the ‘candidates may not be null or empty’. Content Type has a hyphen which is not supported (needs to be replaced by the underscore) and also has an additional mystery underscore at the end of the name which was auto-added at our last upgrade.

  2. ‘if else’ statement not available in v6.1 (starting at v6.5) for the dispatch template (for v6.1 use $rx.cond.choose). after figuring that one out, sys_ListTemplateExpander made more sense so i switched…