if an asset folder was mistakenly deleted is there a way to retrieve or recover it?

Was the folder deleted before a full publish?

This occurs periodically in our organization and is a major source of grief. It seems it happens mostly  when a new folder is created, and the user attempts to delete it but selects the incorrect one (and either doesn’t read the confirmation dialog or mis-clicks). The solution sometimes involves recreating hundreds of assets, which is simply crushing.

It would be great if certain folders could be set so that only Admins could delete them. 
In conjunction, perhaps a system rule that folders could only be deleted by Editors/Contributors when they are empty would all but resolve this issue for us. 

There is no way to recover the folder in Percussion.  Your Sys Admin might be able to recover it if they have a backup schedule setup for your server, however that will not bring it back into Percussion.  You will have to recreate all the items inside the folder again.

Well, if you hadn’t published it, you can easily grab your assets (if they’re files, images, etc.) off from FTP. If it’s different kind of assets (shared assets, etc.) then I would suggested you use yesterday’s backup. We backup everyday, up to 14 days total.

I agreed, we need “trash” folder and have the options to “restore” or “forever gone”, etc.

Thank you so much for your question regarding a way to recover an assets folder that was accidentally deleted. This feature request is under consideration at Percussion. Please see some other community post from customers that have inquired about this topic. 


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