IDEA: Toggle File Auto List widget on/off

With new tabbing mockup I mentioned in other post, this apply to all Widgets as well.

Plus I would LOVE to have On/Off toggle. I’ll explain:

Every semester, they post important PDF files on the net and wanted to display for 2 months until no more.

Instead of clicking “X” on the widget that brings up the message “Are you sure you want to delete this local content?”, why not have a toggle “On/Off” instead and that will save everyone’s time. By Off, it will disable that widget and will not show on the live site after you approve/publish that page. 

What’s not in the mockup below “Display Auto File List Widget” is the Publish date and Removal date which is also nice too (found on any page under Publishing > Schedule…"

Also, it would be super nice to tell what’s the name of widget that I just opened (see BOLD below - Edit File Auto List Widget Content)

Aaron,  Thank you for suggesting this idea :slight_smile:  I will continue to monitor the interest in this idea!