I cannot get the Finder nor the Bulk uploader to move pass the base website node

I have restarted the CM1 server and then opened the CM1 page. I click on Assets and then my site base node and it will just spin loading. The same thing happens on the bulk uploader tool, you select your base asset node and it will never load any folders below that.

Hi Scott,

We will be creating a support ticket on your behalf to troubleshoot this issue in more detail. You should be receiving an email shortly.


The servers resources were being maxed. We increased the server ram to 8gb, increased the free space on C: to 150g and added 2 more processors to it. I also increased the java heap size to utilize more of the ram than the standard 2gb. We have approx. 35,000 files in CM1 and had to adjust the server accordingly.

Thanks for the update Scott.