Hyperlink shows in editor but stripped in live page.

Updated a pdf on the site and linked to it. Everything looks fine in the source code and in the editor, but for some reason the live site has the hyperlink stripped. First time running into this problem.

Is this just a publishing issue of the pdf, even though it shows in the assets folder?

I think I found the reasoning. Forgot you had to approve and then publish a file that was uploaded. Servers are not responding currently to our incremental or full publishings.

Hi Josh,

You are correct. If you make a change to an asset, you will also need to approve that asset before running the publishing job.

Are you also having issues running incremental and full publishes? Let me know, we might need to bring that into a support ticket.

Chris W

Server went to sleep on our end so no worries there! Figured it out thanks.

That’s fantastic. Let us know if you need anything else.