Hyperlink Oprtion in Toolbar

I am a bit new to Rhythmyx but did recently attend the Percussion/Rythmyx training in DC. I was told that the forums were a great resoource for all sorts of issues. My issue is that the person who installed our Rhythmyx package (no lonegr with us) disabled the hyperlink option (it is grayed out) in the tool bar (for what reason I do not know) but I would like to re-activate that option to use it for cross linking text to external URL’s but I cannot find where to re-activate that option and/or how he disabled it in the first place? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Figured it out, thanks for ALL the help. :slight_smile: Apparently a setting in the Ephox config file was commented out.

We try our best :wink: You may now pass “Go” and collect 200… Do be sure that you edit the config under rx_resources as opposed to sys_resources as the files under sys_resources are liable to get wiped on an upgrade…

I guess it would also be a good reason to ask around why that hyperlink was disabled. While we haven’t disabled such linking in our system, we do have an “External Link” content type so that users can manage external links as content items. Perhaps there was / is a business need in place for your system where allowing external links to be created was / is not desirable…

Thanks I appreciate, and yes, edited the rx_resources files AND checking to see why we disabled it in the first place. Great info, thanks again!