How to resolve "ORA-00972: identifier is too long" when adding fields to content type

If you receive the following error in the workbench while attempting to save a content type after adding a field (multi-property such as child table, checkbox tree, multi-dropdown): ORA-00972: identifier is too long; please keep in mind that the reason ORA-00972 has been occurring is that most oracle clients do not support 31 character names.
When you create a field with multiple properties or selection, the server will follow this naming convention to allocate storage for data by creating a table with a name like: CT_CONTENTTYPETABLENAMEFIELDNAMESET. If that results in 30+ characters, you will receive an oracle error.

One way to resolve the issue is as follow:

  • Exit from the workbench, and stop the content type application in the server administrator.
  • Rename your local content type table, and update the corresponding content type XML definition file (psx_cecontenttypename) in the ObjectStore directory with the new table name
  • Restart the content type application in the server administrator
  • Re-launch the workbench, and continue on with your implementation.