How to Publish Active Assembly descendants?

I am trying to publish active assembly descendants when the parent item gets published. Is there a way to touch/publish descendats when the parent item gets transitioned to Public?

I currently have a custom on demand publish code which queues parent and child items and passes them to a queue. The queue is then passed to
PSDemandWork which then passes it to a job. I can see that parents and child items are added to the queue but, when they get passed to the job, only the parent item is being passed.

PSDemandWork work = new PSDemandWork();
work.addItem(folderGuid, itemGuid);
long workId = rxsvc.queueDemandWork(onDemandEditionId, work);
Long jobId = rxsvc.getDemandRequestJob(workId);

Has any one successfully published descendants when the parent item gets published?

  • Ravi