How to display page summary in blog post list?

I would like to display a page summary in the blog post list. I have the auto generate summary checkbox checked in the page metadata. I don’t see any option to show/hide page summaries in the blog list widget properties.

Hi Stuart,

Check the Blog list widget properties in the Layout tab.

Do you have questions on how create summaries for pages?

The properties on the blog list widget allow hiding the summary by checking the “hide post summary” checkbox. This box is not checked so the summary should display, correct? It is not. On each blog post page the “auto generate summary” checkbox is checked so there should be a summary to display, correct?

I also tested adding a custom page summary and it is not displayed either. Watching the network traffic shows that the response contains no summary so it’s not getting merged with the results.

 "linktext":"Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act", 
 "dcterms:title":"Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act", 


Is the Summary box on the pages meta data empty (should just be grayed out w/o any content). If so then that means the pages have no summaries and that is why there are no summaries being displayed on your Blog list.

If your page successfully generated an auto-summary you should see the summaries content in the meta-data but the content will be lightly grayed out.

Page with summary:

Page with out summary:

If you are wondering how to get your page to auto generate a summary, it is simple. Simply insert a “read more link” (this is located under the “insert” option on your Rich Text Widgets tool bar ) on your page. What ever content is above this link will auto-generate as the pages summary.

That fixed it. Since page summaries are mainly used in page auto lists and blog lists it would be helpful to mention in the “how to make a blog” article that this more link needs to be inserted to trigger the auto-generation of the summary. I found this information in the metadata section of the docs. I was assuming that if “auto generate” was checked it would just grab a set number of characters and use that. So “automatic” is really “use the text I identified with the more link”…not intuitive based on the option label.


I will suggest this change on the help Docs. I think you are right it would be helpful if in the “how to make a blog” section there should be more content on how to generate the page summaries.

Thank you Stuart.