How long should your initial publish take after importing a site?

I Imported our site and other than sorting out the template I have not done much, I tried to do the initial publish and I’m sitting at 42 hours… This seems wickedly long. Should I continue to let it publish or should I stop it?

Hi Scott,

No, it certainly shouldn’t take that long. An average time is ten to twenty minutes, and sometimes an hour or more for larger sites. It appears that the publisher has hung. I would recommend hitting the Stop button, waiting a couple of minutes for the publishing job to fully un-commit, and then try again. Let me know if it still fails to complete in a reasonable amount of time.

It finished publishing after 25 minutes this time but did not publish any files. It then gave me an error when trying to open a file. I closed the browser and tried to log back into CM1 and receive a ‘Authentication failed’ error.


Sounds like we may have some connectivity issues here. I’ll open a support ticket to take a closer look into this. You should receive an email shortly.

To tie off this thread, the customer elected – for additional reasons besides the main issue here – to redeploy their instance, and have not encountered publishing issues since then.