How do I use a search function on a website?

I have a search bar on my website and want it to search the site when a user inputs a keyword. With what widget does this work?

Hey Julie,

I would highly recommend integrating Google Custom Search into your site for your search function:

Additionally, this Community topic goes over some of the best ways to set this up in a CM1 site:

Lastly, to take a peek at Google CSE in action on a CM1 site, you can take a look at the code on Verint’s home page:

Thanks! Where in the code that I already have written do I insert this search function code?

Hi Julie,

It looks like your current search bar (which appears to just be a design placeholder) is created as a

HTML element contained within a Rich-Text widget. Essentially you will need to view the contents of the this header Rich-Text widget in source view, and find and replace the existing element with the form code supplied by Google. It will take some adjustments to the Google code to get it to appear similar to what you have now, so be sure to save your existing form code for reference.


I did embed the code you suggested from Google but it is still not functioning. Please advise.

Thanks so much!


Hi Julie,

It looks as though you are using Google’s JavaScript code. This won’t work inside of a Rich Text widget – which is what appears to contain your site’s header section – as the editor alters and strips out unrecognized code.

An alternative would be to use the standard HTML form element method for the search box. I provided an example of this code in the topic I linked to. Good luck!

This is what you also recommended to me and it works perfectly. It was a pretty simple set and did not take me very long.