How do I redirect the URLs from my old site to the new site?

All of our URLs on our old website need to be redirected to the corresponding pages on our new site. How do we do this?

Hi Heidi,

Can you provide me with a little more context as to what you’re attempting to do here? Will you be copying sections of your old site into, for instance, a Rich Text widget which contain links to sections specific to your old site, and you need to update those links to reflect your new CM1 site structure? Or will sections of your old site remain online once you go live, which you want to setup to redirect browsers to your new pages? Or are you looking to do something else entirely?


Hi Nathaniel,
I think Ankit may have answered this. When selecting a search result, I received the following error “Unknown Server Error”. Here is the detail of the question.

  1. I’m worried about users getting 404 errors if they bookmarked page
    links from the old site naviation. How do we setup 401 redirects? I
    couldn’t find this info online.
  2. I’m trying to turn on Google Webmaster Tools, but the last step is
    that I need to upload a HTML file to (root)
    and I can’t figure out how to do this. Couldn’t find the answer online

Hi Nathaniel, any update.



I’m sorry, I had read you reply as indicating that Ankit was already helping you with this.

As far as the last step for the Google Webmaster tools goes, all you need is for someone with access to the machine which serves your website’s files to place the HTML file in the root directory of your site. I see you are still serving up your old website’s files at, so I don’t know if someone can give you FTP access to your old site’s root folder, or if someone will have to use a remote desktop connection to access the machine’s file structure and drop the file in there. But again, this is something someone who has access to the machine serving your website’s files will be able to handle for you, and should be pretty easy.

As to your question regarding 401 redirects, your domain ( ) will remain the same once you go live with CM1, correct? If your concern is simply that bookmarked pages will no longer be valid for your users, I don’t know how feasible a configuration where all your old URLs redirect to their new CM1 pages would be. Instead, I think it might make more sense to set up a custom 404 page which informs any users who attempt to hit your old pages that you have restructured your site, and instruct them to go to and update their bookmarks.

To create a custom 404 page, you will have to edit your web.xml file located a “{tomcat_root}\conf” to include the elements outlined in this document:… . Once you’ve done that, you can create and customize this 404 html page to display the information you want. You can point the web.xml file to a 404 page created in CM1 if you like.

However, if your question about 401 redirects has more to do with maintaining your search engine ranking, then this might be a more involved process.

Let me know if any of this helps.


To be clear, a setup where all your old URLs redirect to your corresponding new pages is certainly possible. A tool such as UrlRewriteFilter for your Tomcat server would be able to handle such a task. You can read more about that tool here: . If a simple 404 page would be insufficient, something like this might be your next best option.

I am having departments want their old links back so I am creating meta redirects but this is leaving folders that is adding to confusion.

I gave our Server Admin the information on the and he was looking it over.

What other options are there and how can he put a simple redirect on the server for the four sites I have that want redirects?

This is a common configuration question for Tomcat servers, and I believe it would be easier for future customers to find the answers they are looking for if this was isolated into a new topic. Please reference the new topic here: Setting up redirects for Tomcat server

The server team installed the Tuckey script and gave me the .xml but I’m not too sure how to do the simple redirect in the XML - or if the XML is in the correct location in the site.

I tried reading the Instructions but they are too… technical. Can you give me some advice or point me to something a bit less server-talk?

It’s just very simple redirects.

Hi Debbie,
As a start, you might find this post on the community helpful: URL Rewrite Filter

It has couple of examples posted within the thread. Also, here is a page with a great tutorial and examples on how to write simple redirects:…

Let me know if this helps.

The post in this community look promising - as for the manual from Tuckey… it was too daunting.