How can I enter content into the Rich Text Widget with line breaks?

What is the recommended way to bring lines of text into the RTW that have single line breaks (the BR tag) rather than the P tag?

Even when I type directly into the RTW and then hit the return key, it enters a paragraph tag rather than a simple BR.

What is the method to get single spacing in the RTW?

Here is the same question posed in the TinyMCE forums (but I honestly don’t know what the solutions offered might mean for me).…

Some say that TinyMCE’s “forced_root_block” has to be configured.

By the way, I am aware that [SHIFT] Enter inserts a line break but this will end up being a training issue for my users. Ideally, I’d like a way to have Enter make a line break and hitting enter twice make a paragraph.

Hey Dan,

If the Shift + Enter approach doesn’t work for you, another method you could think of using would be to use CSS to reset the default margin for P tags within Rich Text widgets, effectively converting them into BR tags:

margin: 0px;   
} ```   
Note that we don’t recommend or support any changes to the TinyMCE configuration files, as any changes you make will likely get overwritten upon upgrading.