How can I best leverage Calendar functionality in CM1?

Should I create a single calendar for all my events or unique calendars for specific types of events, such as webinars, tradeshows, user groups? Is it possible to aggregate events from several calendars into a master calendar?

Hi Molly,

How you choose to structure your calendars really depends on what makes the most sense for your implementation. In your page’s meta-data you can associate a page with any number of calendars in the system, so yes, you can create specific calendars for particular types of events while also aggregating all of the events into one primary calendar. That’s certainly not a bad practice and will add to your system’s flexibility, especially if implemented early.

Thanks Nathaniel!

No problem, Molly!

Is it possible to add events to my calendar without having to build out a page for each event?

For example I just want to block off holidays and college holidays like spring breack ect… but I don’t need an acompanying page for these types of events. Is this possible?

I realise I could build pages and add them to a calendar without summaries, but it seems like a bunch of empty pages floating around. Any other way to do this? If this is the only way please let me know.


Hi Sandy,

At this time CM1’s calendar widget does not have this functionality within its scope. The method in which you have outlined is the only and current best possible way. If you set up a folder for the pages and organize it in a manner in which the pages are reusable for major holidays and/or known college events, that will be your best bet.



I just want to comment on how I"ve figured out how to “fill up” an almost empty event page.

  • A region for the departments top navigation, banner and then a text area under.

  • I carve a T type shape with a rich text region at the top (and L/F sides) to place a nice sized image (banner size) and to the left under this - Time / Location / quick blurb.

To the right - thumbnails - which might be of speakers, brochure, flier and of course speaker information.

I figured even if I have the most minimal information on the page - this type of layout with be quick to populate and seem to fill the page.

For the banner - most often they create these for Print Services so I can use my Adobe products to lift the background w/o the words and make a quick banner for them to match the event.

I’m happy to hear you’re happy and that you are using the tool so creatively!

Debbie – I would love to see a screen cap of what you’re doing, we are still looking for the best way to leverage the calendar functionality in Percussion CM1. Thanks!


Sure I’m just having my system transfered to a new sever right now. But when its back up I’ll show you want I decied to do.

Great, thanks!