Home tab - Creating new asset shows all asset types, not just allowed widgets

We’ve just upgraded to version 4.4, and we haven’t had a chance to use it much, but the new Home tab interface definitely seems like it will be very helpful for some of our less technical users.

However, one minor issue we noticed is that when you’re on the Home tab, and click on Add New -> Asset, it shows all the available asset types. This behavior is different from what you get if you are on the Editor tab, and click the new asset icon - which will only show the widgets that are allowed via the Widget Configuration dashboard gadget. (See attached pictures)

It would be good if the Home tab could be filtered so that it only shows the allowed ones just like the new asset button does.

Hi there,

Yep, you’re right it should look the same as the Editor tab. I’ll get this raised with our product management team and get back to you when we’ve come up with a fix for this.

Thanks for the feedback!


As a follow up to this, we identified this as a bug and it is being addressed in the 4.5 release of CM1.