Hide page inside page auto list

I have a General Information section, under which are, Parking, Car Pooling, etc. The index page for this section is just going to list the files, File Auto List, and pages, Page Auto List, associated with this section. Because the list is on Gen Info index page, I don’t want it to be listed in the page auto list widget.
I’ve tried the methods for hiding things from navigation, which works as expected in navigation.
Do I need to keep playing around with the CSS, is this even possible or is there a better way of doing this all together?

Hi Lloyd,

Are the pages you wish to display in the list using a different tempate than the index page? If so, you can set the page auto-list widget to only display pages using that template. You can do this by clicking on the widget within the “content” tab, on the right hand side, you will see checkboxes that will allow you to select a template.

Let me know if this helps.


Hi Jon,

I can work with this.

Thank you,