Having a problem deploying a custom widget

I’m trying to deploy a custom widget and when I try to deploy I get this error.

Failed to install package: com.percussion.deployer.error.PSDeployException: com.percussion.error.PSException: 0:

I tried to re-deploy an existing widget and it worked fine. Below you will find referenced resource files. Also, the widget does appear in the list to use in templates, etc. When I drag and drop into a template different error text appears (attached).





You can use Title as a name for the fields. switch it to like “heading” or “custom_title”

I deleted the “Title” field and added a new one called “Heading”. Same error when I try to deploy.

make the names more descriptive… Dont use HEading or just descriptions. Thos variables are already being used by the UI. That is why you are getting that error. Give more descriptive names

I only do what you tell me Armani… so I changed it to “Heading” :slight_smile:

I just modified it and here are the four field names I used
$NoticeIcon $NoticeColor $NoticeHeading $NoticeDescription

Still doesn’t work.

hahaha That’s my mistake. I lead you to failure.

Let’s take this offline and take a deeper look into this issue. I’ll convert this into a support ticket and we can communicate through that.

I’ll forgive you this one time… and probably more after that. I’ll await the ticket.


Just to follow up on this; We never found the cause, Josh created another widget and that one worked.