H1 must be in 'main' or 'banner' landmark

Per Siteimprove Accessibility, it stated that CM1 H1 doesn’t have any landmark role (ex: main or banner) on Percussion’s Title Widget. Is there a way to implement the landmark?

Functional Accessibility Evaluator 2.2.

Hi Aaron,

One easy fix for this would be to add an HTML attribute with the landmark role to the template region that contains the title widget.

This is great, Nate! Looks like I don’t have “Region HTML attributes” for Version 5.3.15 Build 201608P05 (584) [5315_20191105? Can you double-check?

Hi Aaron,

That feature was added in the 5.4 release, so you would need to upgrade if you are still running the 5.3 version to get the region HTML Attribute feature. The current release is 8.0.2.

The 8.0.3 release will be shipping shortly as well so you guys are a couple versions behind.


Thank you, Nate, for letting us know. We haven’t upgraded to the latest version due to JS/jQuery issues on our custom widgets, plus other things. Is there no other way to implement the ARIA to our version level?