Google Analytics Does Not Work

Our google analytics has not been working for awhile now. Analytis work on some pages but not others. We are about to create a new page and this page really needs analytics. Can someone help me fix this problem.

Hi Mallorie,

Google has changed its APIs and we are currently working on resolving the issue. Here is a post on the community that might be helpful:

If you’d like to publish a page with analytics without the use of CM1s gadget until the resolution, you may include your GA tracking code in the additional-code section of your page. To do this, bring the page in question into edit mode and click ‘edit meta-data’ under the Content tab -> actions. Expand ‘additional-code’ and place your tracking code in the additional head content. Here is an article on how to obtain your tracking code:…

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Chris W