Global template selection lost on opening local template

When I open a local template in the workbench (Rx 6.1) the Global template defaults to the first one on the list, not the one I chose and saved last time. Is there any way of getting the global template selection to stick?

Hmmm… I tried this and it works on my system, so there’s something more subtle going on here.

Do you lose the selection only after you save, close and re-open, or does it happen when you switch tabs in the template editor?

Hi Dave,

The local template only loses the global template setting on opening that local template. If I select the correct global template, that setting is remembered if I change tabs, open a different item, a different view - even if I haven’t saved the local template.

As soon as I save and close the item and re-open it, the global template setting reverts to the first one on the list.




I found this in the system. It’s bug number RX-10870, and it’s fixed in 6.5.

You can upgrade, or you can request a patch (via Tech Support), although that may or may not be possible (depending on what was changed).


Thanks, Dave

I look forward to the next time we upgrade which will fix the faults of 6.1 (and introduce new ones? - but of course!)

Merry Christmas,