Full site template change? Instead of one page at a time

We are currently using Version 2.7.0 Build 201207R01 (21)

Can there a way to make a site-wide template change? We have a better template that works well when we replace a template on the specific pages. I know how to do this. However, now that it seems to work the way we want, it would be extremely useful to change the template on the entire site without having to do this separately on each page. Even if we could change a template in an area (index file or folder) so that all its sub-pages inherit the template. Thanks!

At this time the only way to change a template for pages is one-by-one.

I think this is a good idea to make it possible to “replace” a template with a different one where it affects all pages using the “old template” and makes them use the “new template.”

In our next release, we will have the ability to change templates on pages from the Design Manager. Users will be able to drag and drop pages from one template to another, and the new template will be applied immediately.

This would make more sense if templates were grouped by themes… the workflow, IMO, would then be, create a new theme containing all your templates which would correspond to your old templates and then when you switch “themes” it would switch over everything all at once, hopefully seamlessly if you built everything properly.

Was this removed? I’m using 4.4 and don’t have the above mentioned functionality.