Form widget suggestions/ideas

Few suggestions/ideas…

According to your page, is there a way to move asterisk up front rather than behind?

Current: * Label Name

Better: Label Name *

Also, I think this form need to be more flexible. For example…

  1. There is no placeholder and would like to have it. Say if I were to add Phone # in the form, in placeholder text I wanted to show like “xxx-xxx-xxxx”. For Name, “John + Doe”, something like that.

  2. I want to have the ability to customize the error message as well to make it more fun than having boring message like “This field is required”… (no offense!)

  3. The form widget lightbox is too small, make it bigger. Very difficult for me to drag/arrange stuffs around.

  4. Need the ability to untick the width for each input element. Right now I’m using style to override the fixed width. (I know this form isn’t responsive).

  5. Please add the Upload button which would be super useful for people to upload PDF or Doc file type (and the ability to specify which file format allowed, etc.)

That’s it :slight_smile: Thanks!