Form tags in 6.7

A few of our content items have form tags entered into the HTML using the CODE tab. Under 6.5 this seemed to work okay. After our upgrade to 6.7 it seems that the Ephox field ‘misbehaves’ where these tags have been entered. The behaviour is different in IE and FireFox but it definitely seems related to these items in particular rather than simply any items where the CODE has been changed.
Does anyone know if there are any issues with Ephox, form tags, and 6.7 that weren’t there in 6.5?


Certain tags require special processing in Percussion’s implementation of the Ephox EditLive for Java rich text editor: form, script, embed.

If you want to use these tags in an ephox field, you must add the transforms sys_EditLiveFormDecode (input translation) and sys_EditLiveFormEncode (output translation) to the local configuration of the file.

For more details check out Percussion’s 6.7 Errata doc: